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A Visit with Corrie - July 9

A special guest is coming to visit Salem Church! Coffee and Breakfast Cookies will be held with Corrie ten Boom on Sunday, July 9, at 9:00 AM, followed by worship at 10:00 AM. During worship, Corrie ten Boom will assist Pastor Victoria with worship leadership; Corrie will tell her story! And what is her story? Corrie ten Boom was born on April 15, 1892, in Haarlem, Holland. Devout Christians, Corrie and her family lived peaceable lives until 1940, when the Nazis invaded the Netherlands. In 1942, she and her family became very active in the Dutch underground aiding and hiding Jews. In the Ten Boom home, a secret room was built into Corrie's third floor bedroom. On February 29, 1944 the Nazis raided the ten Boom house. Six people escaped detection in the secret room, but Corrie and her father, sisters, and brother along with some 25 others were arrested for their work with the resistance.

Betsie and Corrie were held for 10 months in 3 different prisons. In September of 1944, Betsie and Corrie were transported like cattle in boxcars to Ravensbruck, a concentration camp in Germany. There they experienced deplorable conditions, humiliations, hard labor, and cruel beatings. Despite the hateful environment, Corrie and Betsie delivered the message of God's love to their fellow prisoners and captors. Malnourished and weakened by the harsh treatment, Betsie eventually died in early December of 1944. Corrie was released from prison due to a clerical error. All the women in the camp, her age, 52 years, and older were executed shortly after her release.

Corrie returned home to Haarlem, Holland, where she set up rehabilitation centers for people of all races and creed in effort to bring healing and comfort after the ravages of World War II. Embracing the words of her sister, Betsie, Corrie traveled to over 60 countries, and shared a message of hope, forgiveness, and love. "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still." Many books have been written by Corrie and a deeply moving film, "The Hiding Place", was made by World Wide Pictures in 1975. At 91 years old, she died on her birthday, April 15, 1983.

Corrie ten Boom was a Christian Holocaust survivor. She eventually died, but an actress portraying Corrie will be our guest. "Corrie ten Boom" will be arriving in Wanatah from Aurora, Illinois, on Saturday afternoon, July 8. Victoria and Joe will host them in Wanatah Saturday night in the parsonage. and you will meet Corrie at 9:00 on Sunday, July 9. Our Church Council unanimously supports this dramatization. Please invite your friends. Corrie's presentation is appropriate for people of all ages (even for children)

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